About Me

A rebel without a clue, maybe. But I definitely have a cause. I want to pull blogging out of the dark ages of snake oil salesmen, mansplainers, and get rich quick scammers, and get us back to a place where we can make good money blogging again. For too long we have suffered at the hands of those who would make a quick buck rewarming the same old, outdated information, and labeling it the latest and greatest way to make money blogging. Let’s get rid of some misconceptions and start learning how to make money blogging through good old hard work and patience.

My Story

I’d been blogging before we even had a word for it. I figured out I could create an HTML template and create a journal of sorts on my website, chronicling my days as a budding web designer. It was a lot of work but was addicting knowing not a lot of others were doing the same thing.

Over the years, WordPress came along and blogging got complicated because people started to realize you could make money by throwing ugly ads all over their blogs, but caring if the result was usable or readable. I miss the simple days when getting a comments section added to our online journal was a feat. I miss the simplicity and innocence of those days, but time marches on, and it’s important that we move on with the times and stay abreast with what is going on.

What I can do for you

Let’s break down this blogging thing together and figure out how it should work. Yes, there is a formula that you can use to make money, but it is constantly changing as time marches on and new technology arises. It’s time we moved on from what is passible and start to build the best blogs we can to delight the audience who come to our blogs to be informed, educated, and delighted, and make some money in the process. Join me, will you?