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That is my mug.

Hi, I'm Jason Weiland, and this website is all about the concept of "showing your work." Austin Kleon is a big influence of mine, and I learned from him that people do want to get an inside look into how I do what I do for work.

I have just opened up the paid subscription level of Blog Differently because I will be showing, almost every day, an inside look into the work I do writing for Medium and creating content for my blogs. I will send out regular newsletters that talk about my processes, how I come up with ideas for so much content, and how I schedule my time so I can create seven + articles and stories a week.

If you are interested in getting a look behind the scenes of what I do every week, you should support me by spending $5.00 a month to subscribe to my newsletter. Yes, I will still be posting free content on my blogs and Medium, but this is a chance to see what happens under the hood, and what goes into being a successful writer.

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