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  • Something Needs To Be Done About the Trashy Internet Marketer
    If we don’t do something about the sleazy underbelly of the internet, the internet marketers, blogs will end up in the same level of hell that MySpace landed in after it died.
  • Move Past Web 2.0 With These Blogging Ideas and Succeed Along With Me
    Join me, if you will, on a journey to the early days of the web, where blogging ideas were new, and building websites was fun. Back in the dark web ages, sometime around early 1998, I was a total newb. I graduated from art school, having learned nothing of 3D modeling and animation, but had somehow taught myself HTML and Photoshop.
  • Don’t Give Up – You Will Make Money Blogging If You Double Down
    Doesn’t everyone feel like this is the end of the world as we know it? And here I am talking about your need to make money blogging?
  • Starting a Money-Making Travel Blog
    That’s how they get you with a travel blog; make big promises and lead you to believe you can build a blog, launch it, and have money flowing into your bank account immediately, from day one, while you spend your time sipping a fruity drink on a beach in Bali.

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