I Will Be Wearing a Mask and So Should You

Did you hear the news that even some vaccinated people are getting sick from the new Delta Variant of COVID-19? And here my Facebook timeline is blowing up with people traveling all over, maskless, and completely ignoring the common sense of social distancing?

Damn, I haven’t had my first dose yet. What the hell is wrong with you people?

I get it. The CDC came out and said you could go maskless, right? Some of you guys couldn’t wait to throw your mask collection in the trash. Guess what? Now The Who is telling us to put the masks back on and stay away from each other.

Yes, even if you are vaccinated. Are you people insane?

Did you not see the worldwide death toll from COVID-19? I get that many of you have a death wish, but what about those of us who haven’t the benefit of even getting the first vaccination? You guys are spreading the new variant around like you forgot that we were supposed to be thinking about everyone else.

This is why I trust none of you. I know half of you are going maskless and you haven’t got the first vaccine shot, just because you are terrible and selfish.

I am coming back to the USA in September, and guess what? I am going to be vaccinated and wearing two masks and a face shield. And I am not only going to do it because I don’t trust you but because I care enough about you assholes that I don’t want to infect you with anything I may pick up on my way here.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

I remember America when we use to care about our neighbors. I remember how we used to watch out for the old people in our small towns. If their lawns were getting a little long, we would check on them and even if they were okay, we would mow it for them. Now I can’t even get you guys to wear a mask and stay 3 feet away from my mom.

We used to hold the door open for people and take their groceries in the house for them. We used to make casseroles so they didn’t have to cook. When someone was sick, we paid attention to their welfare. We worried about our kids enough to get them vaccinated, not only so they didn’t get mumps, but because we didn’t want to spread it to others.

You people who won’t get vaccinated make me sick to my stomach. You will come up with every stupid conspiracy theory you can to avoid caring about the welfare of your fellow man and woman. No, I don’t understand where you are coming from when you will put the welfare of every man, woman, child, and senior citizen behind your own entitlement and stupidity.

Get out there and get the vaccine, and stop watching conspiracies on YouTube. You DO NOT know better than the scientists that are trying to save the world from this pandemic.

Frankly, I could care less about your Q-anon, tree-hugging asses, but what I do care about are the children and the seniors who you are blowing your germs all over. They deserve not to be sick, even if you don’t. I care about the nurses and doctors who have to put their lives on the line when you will get sick and need to go to the hospital.

Have you thought about anyone else in your sad little life?

Like Jessica Wildfire says in her recent story (where I got most of this research from), “We Can’t Afford for Everyone to Have Their Own Opinion Anymore:”

“The point is what it always has been, to exercise a little consideration. A lot of us would love nothing more than for everyone to follow their own gut when it comes to the pandemic. Unfortunately, millions of us don’t get a say in whether we go back to work or not — which guarantees exposure to incredibly contagious variants. We don’t just care for ourselves. We have vulnerable, unvaccinated people in our lives. While everyone else talks about “personal choice” and “freedom,” what they really mean is the freedom for them to force us back into the office, and to shame us into a dystopian normal where we have no control. They want the freedom to turn their inconvenience into our personal risk.”

Her whole essay. Read it! She says it much better, without the anger and barely restrained rage that I project.

The Facts

The Guardian article, “Delta Covid variant may be edging race against vaccines,” says this:

“Research conducted in the UK, where the variant accounts for 99% of new Covid cases, suggests it is about 60% more transmissible than the Alpha variant, which previously dominated. It may also be linked to a greater risk of hospitalisation and is somewhat more resistant to vaccines, particularly after one dose.”

That is why the WHO is urging fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks and practice other Covid-19 pandemic safety measures.

It’s that serious.

In the UK, the Delta variant accounts for 99% of all new cases in the country. Even Israel reinstated its mask mandate even though about 55% of the population has been fully vaccinated. They did it to fight the drastic rise in Delta cases just 10 days after having lifted it.

I say it again — this is serious.

So if you did get rid of the masks, buy some more. Start putting distance between you and everyone else again. Stop going out when you don’t need to.

“But, Jason? Why should I live in fear?”

You should live like you are afraid because it’s not just your dumb ass we have to worry about. Until we get rid of this virus or control it, we have to be thinking about our fellow man and woman.

When this is all over, you can go back to your selfish and meaningless lives again.

I promise.

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