An Influencer Told Me the “Secret” of How She Makes $25,000 a Month Blogging

Don’t be surprised that there is a way to make thousands a month blogging. You can go online and search “blogging income reports” and find your own proof.

An Influencer Told Me the “Secret” of How She Makes $25,000 a Month Blogging
They won't teach you to get rich

I’ve seen the income reports, but I refuse to follow her formula

Don’t be surprised that there is a way to make thousands a month blogging. You can go online and search “blogging income reports” and find your own proof. The outliers are making more than any of us will ever see, but there is a respectable amount making in the $5k to $30k range a month that are just regular people like you and me.

But many of them share the same formula (I won’t say all, because there are some finance, lifestyle, and other niche bloggers doing it honestly), and I refuse to follow it because it is basically using common knowledge presented as new information to scam people out of their money.

One such blogger is “Felicia.” This is not her real name because I promised I wouldn’t link to her and I am an honest guy, but I wouldn’t use that word to describe her. She read a story I wrote called, “How Most Bloggers Actually Make Money,” and didn’t like it because she said I was making all bloggers look bad.

In the article, and another called, "Stop Lying! Everyone Can’t Make Money Blogging," I basically said that many bloggers out there making thousands a month did it by teaching people how to make money online. The thing is that this is not new information. The formula for blogging and money-making success has not changed and you can figure it out by reading a few free articles without paying for their $999 course.

These bloggers are scamming you by telling you that you can make money and get rich in any niche all the while they are making their money by teaching people how to make passive income by teaching people how to make money online.

Passive is bullshit. Yes, you can make money blogging with ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. You can even charge for subscriptions. But these people are selling high-dollar courses teaching you information most of us give out for free.

Don’t believe me? “Felicia” is making $25k a month. I saw a screenshot of her course dashboard. How does she do it? She sells a course on how to make passive money online. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but she even confirmed that she was teaching people to sell courses from their blog on how to make money online with blogging.

Her secret is that your niche must be “making money online.”

She didn’t believe that I could spell out her secret and proprietary formula in a few sentences, but I did to the letter because it’s the same formula that people like me have been teaching others for free for years.

Here it is:

  1. Pick a niche (I prefer to find a problem to solve and come up with a solution)
  2. Research the niche and find keywords to focus your content on.
  3. Write content (the longer, the better)
  4. Build a blog with WordPress
  5. Become an authority on your niche
  6. Post on social media
  7. Build traffic and an email list
  8. Create a course (I am not a big fan of courses. People don’t finish them, and they are overpriced for what they offer. I think they are a scam, I prefer affiliate marketing, sponsorships, subscriptions, and even ads if you must. I hate ads, but I hate bullshit courses worse) and sell the course to your readers and email list
  9. Sell your course (affiliate offers, subscriptions) with content marketing
  10. Rinse and repeat

People like to say that all this is passive, but there is nothing passive about blogging or making money online. It is a lot of work and there is luck involved. Being in the right place at the right time is the reason that many of the outliers who make thousands can make that much money.

Many of these scam bloggers will try to sell you on niches that are guaranteed, but the fact is that most niches are oversaturated, and you are unlikely to make any money. Many of the bloggers making thousands got there because they filled a need when no one else was doing it, which is a great way to break into the million-dollar club.

If you find a niche that is new, or undersaturated, you can make money, unless you are breaking into the “making money online” niche, because if you are smart with no scruples, you can trick suckers into believing that your system will make them millions of dollars passively with no work involved – whether it is or not.

There is a sucker born every minute. I should know, I used to be a huge one.

So “Felicia” was upset with me because she said I made bloggers look bad when it’s scammers like her who do it, $999 at a time.

I won’t out her or her course, but I will say that you should never pay for information that is freely available online. Never pay for a course teaching you how to make money online and get rich passively when you can read a blog post or a book on how to do the same thing.

None of these influencers or gurus has anything new to offer. They are taking the same information we all know and packaging it in a pretty bow so it looks new and groundbreaking.

By all means, read the free information on their blogs, and even pay monthly to subscribe to them, but nothing they have is worth $999 or more. I wouldn’t even pay $49.

All you are doing is padding their income reports so they can scam more people into buying their courses.

I will say that not every blogger is a scammer or a “Felicia.” There are some people making legitimate money in honest ways. But they are not common. They are outliers, like famous YouTubers, or Instagram influencers.

You can be a money-making blogger, just don’t fall for the expensive courses that are supposed to teach you how to get rich doing it. All you need is free information online. Besides, it is unlikely you or I will ever make $25k a month unless we are lucky.

With that said, that doesn’t mean blogging can’t be one of your income streams. That doesn’t mean you can’t make $5k with affiliate marketing a month. That doesn’t mean you cannot make a living blogging. Just know that very few people ever get rich doing it passively, and no one will teach you to get rich doing it.

Even for $999.

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