Can You Write with a Broken Computer?

The lesson here is that even if you are trying to save money, sometimes there are more important things to consider when you need something on which to do your work. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just plop the cash down.

Can You Write with a Broken Computer?
What do you do when the computer you need to work on keeps crashing?

I tried as hard as I could, but as much as I did, I could not get anything written. It started earlier in the day yesterday when my computer froze up while I was writing a story in Word. I had to restart my computer. The bad thing was that even though I had saved the document, it only kept the first paragraph. Sometime while I was writing, it stopped autosaving.

I tried booting up again and starting over, but it froze again a few minutes later. This time I got the blue screen of death and it crashed. This time when I booted up, I did a search on Google for what to do when this happens and followed the steps. It took hours to do everything.

I thought I had it figured out.

After restarting, I tried again and got almost to the end of my story, but it crashed again. After booting, I found out that it still hadn’t saved anything despite me pressing the save button every minute.

I was pissed.

This time when I booted up, I decided to use Google Docs because I thought maybe there was something wrong with my Office 365. I had even taken the time to run the repair function and it still was crashing. I got a little further but sure enough, it froze and crashed again.

I had waited all day and night messing with this damn computer and still only had a few paragraphs written. I finally gave up and went to bed, where I stayed up late reading a book. The last thing I did was run a Windows program that was supposed to fix the issue by fixing corrupted files. The computer worked for a few minutes before I went to bed, so I thought the problem was fixed.

Now, this is the computer I was using after I had to sell my MacBook to save my house from being foreclosed. It had no battery and the keyboard was messed up. Now it had some serious hardware issues that I could not figure out for the life of me. I had hoped I could have continued to use that computer for a while, at least until I had built up more of an emergency fund.

Ever since my heart attack, we have been working hard to pay back the money we owe and save up a bit of money in case I started having heart trouble again. All of our money has been going to pay off credit cards and debt we incurred trying to pay for my hospital bill.

So when I woke this morning, I was feeling hopeful that the laptop would work and I could get a little work done. I had to run errands all morning, so when I finally was able to sit and try to continue writing my story this afternoon, I was glad my troubles were behind me.

The computer worked for a half-hour and I almost finished, but it crashed again. This time I couldn’t even get past the login screen before it crashed again. All that work was gone and I was fed up with having to try and write the same story over and over again.

The laptop had taken a dump and I needed to work, so as broke as we are, I went and put another laptop on the credit card. It was on sale but it was still expensive, as tech always is. I found a nice Lenovo 15.6. It has an I5 processor and 8 gigs of ram and I paid under $600 for it. It was really more money than we had right now but I have to work so there was nothing I could do. I had to get a laptop because my wife needs hers for her own job.

After I got home, I installed Chrome and Office and got all my accounts set up again, It took several hours but finally, I was able to sit and rewrite the same story I had already tried to write 3 times already.

I got the story published and started this one, but now it’s very late and I am exhausted.

The lesson here is that even if you are trying to save money, sometimes there are more important things to consider when you need something on which to do your work. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just plop the cash down.

I was so far behind, and I still am. But at least I can put a full day in tomorrow and hopefully get caught up now that I have a computer that actually works.

I don’t know why I had to be tested like this but I was really proud of myself for not losing my patience and my mind while this whole thing was going on.

Can you write with a broken computer? No, you can’t and it’s just a waste of time to keep trying.

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